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Bjørnekær Farm

Frederik purchased Bjørnekær prior to his marriage to Asta in 1930, and this farm near Lysholt (Vejle) was their first home, and also the first home of each of their five children.

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Gremmersteen Farm

In 1947 the family moved south to Gremmersteen (near Eltang, Kolding). In 1999 the farm was sold, although Asta continued to live there until 2006. It was renamed Houens Odde Gård and has been substantially renovated and repurposed as an equine center and French Provincial Gift Shop. Gremmersteen also included a portion of the wooded area at the end of Houens Odde, along Gudsø Vig. This portion was transferred to the Danish Scouting movement prior to the farm's sale in 1999 and is now a part of the Houens Odde Spejdercenter.


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