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Vitskøl Kloster (Abbey) is approximately 60 km north of Viborg. It was the early home of the de Lasson family. It was originally established as a monastery by a monk from France in about 1200 AD. The church building is in ruins, which can be seen on some of the pictures at the back of the building. When the de Lasson family owned it, the name was changed to Bjørnsholm. The main farm buildings burned down in 1929, and that area is now a herb garden. The buildings are presently being used as an adult education centre. The name has been changed back to Vitskøl Kloster. The gravestone of Peder Rosenørn de Lasson and his wife Adelheid Hedvig Margrethe Rosenørn can be seen standing at the back of the building. There are about 20 other gravestones, but none as large as the de Lasson one.


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